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I created this preset in collaboration with my photographer (Kate English Photography, @kvterob). The goal: make it simple for anyone to recreate the warm/neutral aesthetic I use for every photo. This preset can be used on any type of photo - ranging from mobile to professional. It was designed to be very close to "one-click" with an occasional edit to exposure, contrast or color. I hope you love this preset! 

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What is a preset?

A preset is a pre-made filter to put over photos. Presets are a great way to give your photos a unique and beautiful aesthetic. This particular preset is designed to work best with mobile photos.

What happens when I buy this preset? How will I use it?

Once your purchase is complete, you will automatically be emailed the preset along with an instructions page on how to start. I also included a short video tutorial if you prefer that'll be up and running in minutes!

What apps do I need?

Lightroom CC Mobile App (Free)

If I get a new phone will I lose my presets?

No! Just reference the email you received upon purchasing and re-download the preset to your new device using the link in the email.

Are these really one-click edits?

We wanted to create a preset that was as close to one-click as possible! This preset is one-click on most photos but sometimes due to lighting variations in photos you may have to adjust the exposure, contrast, or temperature. When you purchase the preset, you'll receive a video tutorial that explains how.

Is this preset android compatible?

This preset is compatable for iPhone and Android users!

What is included in this preset purchase?

The Franceska Preset is to be used with the FREE Adobe Lightoom mobile app (iOS/Android Compatible) When you order, you'll receive: -The photo preset file -Instructions to download & start using The Franceska Preset (PDF) -Video tutorial on how to install and start using the Franceska preset

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