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You're feeling empowered, supported, and like you finally have the clarity and tools to create change & get un-stuck. Picture yourself finally elevating and expanding towards your potential.


You finally recognize your value, your abundance, your power, and your true spirit. 


What if these next 6 weeks of commitment, showing up, doing the inner work, and supporting yourself can change your life? What if all it takes is leaning in & seeing your potential for embodiment and growth to plant the roots of change?


You are the greatest project you will ever work on.


You are the greatest investment you will ever make.

You deserve to experience your range of emotions, you are safe to grow here.

You deserve to become your true self and share her with the world.

This is the space for you. This is the space where we will grow, expand, empower, learn, lean in, find your true spirit, and set her free. 

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I learned that through leaning into what I’m ROOTED in: The 6 foundational roots of Thought Life, Active Life, Creative Life, Income & Impact, Support System, and Spiritual Life, I was able to build a foundation and structure that I can freely flow & create from.


When creating our strong, intentional ROOTS we will create systems, through confidence, and tools. Discovering & exploring your roots will show you that you are free, abundant, and worthy.

In this six-week program, you will learn how to move from lack to abundance, with mindset tools & my full support. You will be empowered to discover your roots. I will share how to find where you want to create change, and then teach you the ROOTS method to change at the identity level for sustainable and long-term transformation. 


Everything you need is in you. You are worthy from within.


Thought Life

Move from effect to cause. Mindset tools, emotional responsibility, clarity, intention, & identity


Income & Impact

Lead with our strengths. Identity, give, serve, worth, & value


Active Life

Goals, habits, routines, time, behavior, & strength


Support System

Relationships, connection, & community


Creative Life

Inspiration, creation instead of reaction, & inner strengths


Spiritual Life

Self-discovery, intuition, embodiment, & build inner authority


  • 6 LIVE Group Coaching Calls

  • 3 LIVE Q&A Coaching Calls

  • One 30 min 1:1 Call to use at anytime

  • 6 Weekly Workbooks

  • Welcome Package


  • Pre-Work Video Lessons

  • FREE Access to Design Your Life Course

  • Guided Mindset Exercises

  • Book Club

  • Unlimited Communication With Me (& The Group) In The Band App 

  • Email Support



Weekly workbooks to guide you through each group call & assignments for more growth


Welcome Package

The welcome package includes everything you need for the course & a few bonus items from me


Group Calls

I'll teach each lesson on a weekly group call, with time for asking questions & group discussion



Each week you will receive an email with a recap of the week before, the next workbook, and extra support


Access to Me!

I am a resource for you, and I am here for you. I'll have set office hours you can reach me at


Bonus Content

Exclusive podcasts, visualization exercises, access to my course, book club & other resources


You have what you need inside of you, my role is to help support you in finding your inner strength, helping you leverage your natural and innate skills and gifts, and lead you in discovering your true voice. You deserve to learn and grow and become, and I am here to support you.


I believe we are meant to cross paths, I believe I was meant to experience a massive change in my life so I could share the transformational tools with you. 


These tools will empower you with the strength, confidence, systems, support, and techniques to help you fully lean into your true self, all sides of her, even the uncomfortable, because there is a reason for all parts of us, and all parts of you are meant to be loved & experienced by you. 



I am here for YOU. Here are the ways I will support YOU:

  • Trauma-aware coach

  • Safe space, free of judgment, to be yourself, and to show up & be vulnerable

  • Weekly group coaching calls

  • Bi-weekly Q&A calls

  • Private community with the small group

  • Exclusive PRIVATE access to me with any questions or guidance outside of group calls

  • One 1:1 call you can use anytime throughout this 6 weeks, or even after

  • Option to have more 30 min calls (DM for more info)

  • Weekly workbooks

  • Weekly emails with tools, support & guidance 

  • A welcome package with everything you'll need to support yourself & create a dedicated space to lean in on calls. 

I created this program for YOU. For you to feel empowered in your strengths. I am here to help guide you and teach you how to do the inner work, take the inspired action, and create the results you dream of.  With a step-by-step process, I'll guide you and help you discover your ROOTS.

Don’t be intimidated, you were made for this. YOU are worthy from within. Everything you need is already inside of you. Everything you want is already waiting for you. You have the opportunity right now to tap in, lean in, invest in yourself and be who you need.

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This is so good I can’t believe I’m pricing it this low for now, but I want to help so many people. I will teach you the tools, offer you the support, create the space for you to dive deep, lean in, and listen to your dream self. She is in there, she has a voice, she is ready for you to become her.


Personal development is personal. So, this means there are a limited number of spots available so I can fully connect and work with each and every person that commits to the program. Don't wait any longer ... become your dream self, the *you* you are meant to be.

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Week 1

Sunday, January 23rd Group Call from 4-6 pm

Friday, January 28th Q&A Call from 1-2 pm

Week 2

Sunday, January 30th Group Call from 4-6 pm

Week 3

Sunday, February 6th Group Call from 4-6 pm

Friday, February 11thQ&A Call from 1-2 pm

Week 4

Sunday, February 13th Group Call from 4-6 pm

Week 5 

Sunday, February 20th Group Call from 4-6 pm 

Friday, February 25th Q&A Call from 1-2 pm

Week 6

Sunday, February 27th Group Call from 4-6 pm

Roots is a six-week live group coaching program. If you miss a call the playback will be available in teachable. While all of the sessions are live you can access them at any time after the session. The knowledge you learn throughout the program will last a lifetime!


Stop waiting. Stop putting yourself last. Start making yourself a priority. Start saying yes to yourself. Start making the shifts you’ve been waiting for.

There are limited spots available in this session of group coaching. In the future, there will be more sessions but this is impactful now if you feel called now is the time to enroll. It is your time now! Get your spot now or wait till the next round & join the waitlist.


Let me guess you’re feeling… lack - which is normal by the way. 

You are feeling a lack of motivation.

You are feeling unclear on your goals.

You are missing out on creativity.

You are wanting to make a change.

You are in need of a vision for your future.

You are unfulfilled with your current results.

And you want to feel ... abundance - which is possible.

 You want to feel grounded and supported.

You want freedom from old patterns.

You want to feel seen.

You want tools to form new habits.

You want to feel fulfilled.

You want to experience transformation.


Roots creates space to embody and embrace your true self. With a focus on mindset, embodiment, interaction, and highest self intuition, the results will continue even after these 6 weeks because you will have the tools, the self empowerment to keep going. 



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Discovering our roots and the power they hold will empower us to dream bigger, reach further, create more, and live fully by choice.

The roots are the core.

The roots hold you steady.

The roots keep you safe. 

Does this sound like you?

Do you feel like you have more in you and want to be able to support yourself?

Do you feel like you haven’t been in alignment with your true self?

Do you struggle to set & achieve goals for yourself?

Do you struggle to take responsibility for your thoughts or emotions? 

Do you know you want to make a change but unsure where to start?

Do you want to learn the tools to support yourself through discomfort and thrive in your future?

I've been there & felt that too ...

I felt what you are feeling for years! I ignored my intuition, tried to bottle up my anxieties and fears, and tried to avoid living a life that would make me feel uncomfortable.

Through taking this inspired action, leaning into my intuition, and creating space for my inner self to come to life, I’ve been able to see such massive transformation.  By giving myself time and creating space for myself to learn, embody, & transform, I’ve been able to create lasting results. Mindset and self-discovery are a journey. This program is here to support you, empower you, and offer the tools for you to begin your journey. I am here to help you get started, help you form the foundation, and help you plant the roots.

You are made to grow and evolve and become. Becoming more of whom you are supposed to be is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself.



I'm a mindset & self-discovery coach. Over my years of sharing on social media, I’ve been able to form connections and deep relationships with the women in my online community. Through our chats and messages, I realized that we are all similar, and all need each other. 


You might think, Who am I to live my dream life? Who am I to make big changes, I’m comfortable where I’m at, I’m fine in my comfort zone. Can I even do this? Do I even have what this program will call out of me?

But really, who are you not to?

You are needed. Your community, your job, your friends, your support system, your world needs you to not only survive but thrive. We are all connected. This is bigger than you. I want to help you amplify & shine! Bring out the light, expand what you see in yourself. Expand what you create, what you experience, what you get and give to the world. 

How much does group coaching cost?

You can make a one time payment of $697 or 3 monthly payments of $240 [total $720], or 6 monthly payments of $125 [total $750].

Is it cheaper to pay in full?

Yes, you save $53 by making the one-time payment of $697.

How does the payment plan work?

You will be automatically charged $125 per month for 6 months or $240 for 3 months. 

Is the program the same for all payment options?

Yes! Whether you make a one-time payment or utilize the payment plans you will be enrolled in the same 6-week program.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Refunds are available for 10 days after the course enrollment period ends. You will be refunded everything, except for a $50 processing fee.

How long do I have access to the program?

You will have access to the program during the six-week session. If you miss a call the playback will be available in teachable. While all of the sessions are live, you will have access to them in teachable. The knowledge you learn throughout the program will last a lifetime!


The Payments (1).png
  • ​Be honest, believe in my abilities and capacity for growth. 

  • Don't put limits on growth, on self, on potential, on future

  • Get support, ask for help, work with mentors, coaches, therapists 

  • Learn about emotional responsibility, emotions are not bad, learn how to interpret emotions, and learn to sit with myself and allow me to be me. 

  • You can do hard things, you just need to allow yourself and learn how to support yourself through it!



Disclaimer: I am a certified mental health communicator through Active Minds. I am currently pursuing my life coach certification so that I can bring more tools and be a better support for you. I am not & will not be a licensed therapist or psychologist. Please do not mistake this course as a replacement for professional help. If you are seriously struggling and need support please seek professional help.

Here are some resources:

Follow this link for more resources to help: https://www.activeminds.org/about-mental-health/referral-resources/

Text “Brave” to 741-741 to the Crisis Text Line or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
Both provide free 24/7 support.