Let me guess...

You’re feeling unmotivated or lack energy.

You feel too busy to make your goals a priority.

You don’t know what goals you should have or why to even set goals.

You want to see results but are unsure where to make changes.


You’re ready to up level.

You’re seeking the tools, support. and action plan.

You want to know how to feel fulfilled.

You want to learn tools to help yourself out.


Does this sound like you? 


You want to feel aligned. You want to be proud of yourself. You want to see real transformation in your life.


If you are willing to invest in yourself, enjoy working on yourself, and are ready to see your potential through, I invite you to enroll in this course. The Design Your Life course will guide you through the process of setting goals to see big transformations.

The action plans, techniques, and strategies used throughout the course have personally helped me transform my life. I knew once I was able to make these major transformations I couldn't keep these strategies to myself, which is why I decided to create this course for you.


I'm here to help you create the life you dream of! Still need more info? If you can relate to one or more of the statements below, this course is made for you!


Design Your Life Course Includes:

- 40 Minutes of Video Lessons

- 50 Page Guided Workbook

- Mindful Goddess Habit Tracker

The course is broken down into two parts with multiple lessons in each part. You can go at your own pace & rewatch the lessons as often as needed. I'm always available at fojcustomerservice@gmail.com with questions or support! 


Part One of the course focuses on discovery. Discovering your true dreams, leaning into what you truly desire, and what may be holding you back from reaching your goals. We go through steps to set realistic goals, get in alignment with them, work on our beliefs around it. Then we create an unstoppable action plan!


Part Two focuses on the specific actions required to reach your goals and we go through a proven system to set up and re-use that will set you up for staying on course, creating habits, and ultimately achieving your goals and designing your life. 




Disclaimer: I am a certified mental health communicator through Active Minds. I am currently pursuing my life coach certification so that I can bring more tools and be a better support for you. I am not & will not be a licensed therapist or psychologist. Please do not mistake this course as a replacement for professional help. If you are seriously struggling and need support please seek professional help.

Here are some resources:

Follow this link for more resources to help: https://www.activeminds.org/about-mental-health/referral-resources/

Text “Brave” to 741-741 to the Crisis Text Line or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
Both provide free 24/7 support.